Struggle and Trials in the Winter Months

This time of year brings frigid temperatures to many areas, including snow and ice. We all struggle to stay warm this time of year, and hate to go out if we don’t have to. But this struggle is even more pronounced for those who have to live in it on a daily basis. This has become an even greater issue with the recent winter storm that has blasted its way across many states in the midwest, leaving behind piles of snow and single digit temperatures.

At night, temperatures can reach dangerous lows, being a danger to those exposed to it for long periods. This became fatal for one man in Kansas City, Missouri who was found dead in the downtown area recently. Police investigating the matter are suspecting that he possibly may have frozen to death from exposure to the extremely cold temperatures overnight.

This sad occurrence has brought attention to those who struggle to find a warm and safe place to sleep. Many of those who struggle to find warmth turn to local homeless shelters. Those in Kansas City become extremely busy when the weather turns nasty, like it has recently done. In many cases, they are lined up outside area shelters before they are open for the evening, waiting to get a spot inside. Shelters struggle to keep up the rising numbers of those on the streets, and providing a place out of the cold can often become a challenge with the increasing number in need of it.

Kansas City police are still looking into the incident, but have not given any indication that foul play may have been committed. They are stating that cold exposure is a possibility, as he was found near a fence located adjacent to a downtown street. The official call on the incident will be given at the conclusion of the investigation.