Wyoming Leads the Nation in Technically Savvy Students

Many students choose to enter technical school programs across the country after graduating from high school, taking jobs in a number of careers that require a certification program. Recently, Complete College America conducted a nationwide count of students who were graduating from technical college programs with certifications. When the final count came in, Wyoming led the way with the highest number of students receiving these certifications.

These certificate programs offer a number of benefits to students, especially those who want to get out into the work world much faster. These programs generally take a shorter time to complete, as they don’t require as many core education classes as an associate’s or bachelor’s degree does. They focus on the in-depth, technical aspect of the field and prepare the individual to work directly in that area. These are offered in programs such as automotive technology, certified nursing assistants and jobs in welding.

The programs that run a longer period of time give the student an excellent base of technical knowledge that they can take into the work world. They also have the option to return and finish their education, picking up core classes in order to pursue a higher degree. This gives those who need to get a job faster a good basis that they can build on as they advance in their careers.

According to the information collected, Wyoming has a phenomenal 86% of students choosing to focus on getting a long-term certification in a field. An additional high ranking was given to the state for those pursuing certifications related to nursing, which is a high needs area in the medical field. With all the advantages that can be found by pursuing a long-term certification, Wyoming is a testament to the success of pursuing this path. With the economy continuing to struggle in some areas and jobs being hard to find, many more people may be turning to this option in the future.