Iraq–The Next Big Threat To America’s Global Standing After Bin Laden?

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Successful termination of Al Qaeda head Osama Bin Laden may have provided a sense of closure to the victims of the 911 attack and may have improved stock of American government and intelligence agencies in the international community. However, America is still fighting wars in Iran and Afghanistan and is informally involved in another one in Libya.

While the Libyan action is being passed on to NATO which shall be operating under the auspices of the United Nations, there is no doubt that the United States Of America is involved in two long wars that can still spoil the show.

The death of Bin Laden would have had a significant impact on global security had he remained the master strategist and planner for all terrorist activities. However, the terrorist organization has splintered into many groups and a decentralized power setup is in place today. While the termination of the top figurehead is an important achievement, it has not rendered the problem of global terrorism completely irrelevant.

The next important decision that will have a huge impact on America’s standing in the world is the successful withdrawal from Iraq. Generals are good at starting wards and fighting them. However, concluding the war and finalizing the political goals for which the war was initiated is an integral part of the task. This is the next big decision that will impact security of Americans and all countries friendly to America in the next year or so.

The impact of a successful withdrawal on the next presidential election cannot be understated. A mess may create problems for the incumbent president while a successful one may boost chances of reelection.