Stay Healthy After 50 Through Exercise

Golfer At Knole Park

Image by Gavin Hyland via Flickr

In this day and age of wanting to retain our youth as long as possible, many people are looking for ways to stay active and healthy. There are absolutely no reasons that people should decrease or stop their activity level when they get older. In fact, the AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and other similar groups, say that one of the best ways to maintain mental and physical health is to stay active.

Here is a look at some sports that are great for people over 50. All of these provide challenges and a way to maintain a long, healthy life.

Weight Training
Weight or resistance training is a great way to slow muscles tone or mass. Maintaining good muscle tone will also help retain a healthy posture.

Swimming is one of the best cardio exercises available and will keep you in shape. According the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, swimming for as little as two and a half hours per week can reduce a person’s risk of chronic health issues. Since it is low impact and won’t harm the joints, swimming is especially beneficial to those over 50.

Many people who golf when they are over 50, began playing the sport at a younger age. While your golf technique may change over the years, there are no reasons that you can’t continue to be a good player. It is also a great game to pick up after 50 because it is not as strenuous as some other sports.