Important Bankruptcy Laws Explained in Simple Terms

Bankruptcy is an option for those who are severely struggling with finances and the ability to repay debt. The process can seem very overwhelming, so obtaining help is recommended. There are lawyers who are certified and specialize in bankruptcy law, and they can help to explain the laws in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

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Doing Research First

The first thing to do is learn about the different types of bankruptcy.  Information can be found at, and this will help debtors have an idea of what to expect during the process, as well as for which type they might qualify.

Complete Honesty

It is crucial to avoid making false claims or omitting information on bankruptcy documents. Some individuals are very wary about losing personal property, such as investment real estate, personal automobiles, or other assets. However, lying to a judge is a federal offense and can result in far worse outcomes. Being completely honest with the court-appointed trustee will always result in a better outcome.

Collect All Documentation First

Another tip to remember is compiling all financial information before filing the paperwork. Leaving out a debt or creditor, whether done intentionally or accidentally, will slow down the process. It can also cause additional problems with the court case along the way, so making sure all information is current and truthful will help to simplify the experience.

Other Forms of Income

The debtor must record any additional income, like part-time jobs or a small household business. Being upfront when it comes to income will help both debtors and creditors; failure to do so may result in the case being delayed, or worse, dismissed.

Moving Money Around

Some debtors may be tempted to quickly move assets around, or shift them over to family members. This is against the law, and a good attorney will help to protect personal assets legally. Another tip is to avoid repaying any outstanding money owed to family members in the year prior to filing bankruptcy because based on bankruptcy laws, they are also considered creditors. Your payments should be structured so that all your creditors are paid evenly, based on your capacity.

Legal Conflicts

Bankruptcy lawyers will also ask for information about any outstanding lawsuits against the debtor, or being filed by the debtor. The court-appointed trustee must be aware of any and all potential legal issues along the way, which will eliminate surprises and delaying of the case.

For individuals who are drowning in debt and are simply unable to repay the money, bankruptcy can be helpful. This process helps manage debt better, while working out a plan to repay everything as soon as possible.

Trade Your Old Smartphone for a New One

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling (Photo credit: Siliconbug)

It’s happened to almost everybody – as soon as you give in and buy the newest and greatest tech device, a newer, greater model is introduced. It happens so often, computer companies have even made advertisements about the occurrence. Whether your phone was the newest and greatest yesterday or a few years ago, a new program could help you get into a new phone and protect the environment at the same time.

Trade-Ins are Environmentally Friendly

As most cell phone users know, the last thing you want to do with rechargeable batteries is throw them away. First, the materials the batteries are made of are toxic when introduced into the environment. Second, rechargeable batteries – as well as many other materials in cell phones and other electronics – are valuable. Throwing them in the garbage means the valuable parts are wasted in a landfill, while toxic substances are released into the soil, and subsequently into our waterways. While the effects of one such battery may be negligible, if a large number of us toss these items in the trash, we end up with a big environmental problem.

Trade-Ins Save Money

Some people are more into saving the environment than others, but most everyone can relate to the need to save money. Upgrading electronics gets expensive. With T-Mobile’s trade-in program, you can knock off up to $300 on your new cell phone while safely disposing of your old cell phone and getting access to service up to 4G. This brings even top of the line phones down to an affordable level for most people. Most newer phones hold a trade in value of $100 to $200. You can find out what your current phone is worth for trade at any T-Mobile dealer or by visiting their website.

What Phones Qualify?

Phones that are functional (whether or not they’re currently under service) qualify for the trade-in program. It doesn’t matter what carrier the phone is from. The phone must be intact and in working order, including the display. It cannot be a phone that has sustained water damage or is corroding. As long as the phone is capable of being plugged in and turned on, it should qualify for the program. Some T-Mobile customer service specialists have been trained to appraise different cell phones to determine their trade-in value.

Is an Old Cell Phone Necessary to Get a Great Deal?

Actually, no. There are several ways to get great deals on T-Mobile phones and services. Some offers include free phones, discounted phones and discounted monthly service rates. The best phone deal and price plan for you depends on your personal situation. Offers for families, business people and individuals come with benefits for those types of users. Visit the website or a local dealer to find out what phone and program fits your lifestyle the best.

Is the US Dollar Going Down?

There is some controversy about the U.S. dollar. Economists are saying that the currency has been steadily losing value since 2003. Other people believe that the American dollar is just in a slump, and it will eventually begin to rise. It may take time, with the economy still healing and jobs still scarce, but there are some good chances it is making a comeback. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The US Dollar Demise has scared off many investors. Not only because the economy has sunk, but because the companies in the country took a turn for the worse. One of the basic rules in business management is learning how to change. Not only does the work flow need to change, but also the employees, management and advertising. The internet helped the U.S. change. When it became widespread and the fall of the dot coms was through, new businesses sprang up. The use of social media entered, and many companies saw this as a new marketing opportunity.

The Internet

It is a presence that opened our world and connected all of us. The internet has helped improve much of our selling. Many businesses nowadays find that they can reach more consumers without having to put a new building in that specific area. It has also helped enterprises develop a way to connect to their customers. Places like social networking sites allow consumers to put their comments, suggestions and complaints on a business’s page. It also makes it easier for consumers to compare enterprises via review sites. They learn about the business and their service rating by those who have had experience with them.

Foreign Trading

Trading has been utilized in the U.S. for some time now. People are able to trade faster and import more because of the internet. This contributes to the demise of the dollar for several reasons however. The country is doing less exporting, so they sell less. It’s a company rule that if you sell less, you buy less. If you sell more, you buy more. The other reason is that the U.S. is purchasing so much from these foreign countries, so these foreign businesses are finding less demand for the American dollar. This puts it at a standstill and causes it to fall. If the U.S. can reach a happy medium in which they export more or about as much as they import, the worth of the American dollar will rise.

The Present and Future of the American Dollar


Obverse (left) of the current Sacagawea Dollar...

Obverse (left) of the current Sacagawea Dollar and reverse (right) of the original Sacagawea Dollar, 2000-2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone can see what has happened to our money’s worth. It has fallen, and may continue to fall. The economy is gradually recovering, but what reassurance is there that our currency will return to normal? The reassurance is in the way we structure our businesses and how we develop more jobs for people. With more jobs, people are apt to spend more money. This will move our money within our economy. However, other factors also help play this role.

The U.S. Needs to Sell More

It is no surprise that the American Dollar Demise is underway. When a business sells less of a product and buys more raw material, they are working their way into debt. They are stuck and cannot sell the product at its normal value. They must reduce the price and hopefully break even on the remaining product. This is a reoccurring problem in the U.S. as a lot of stuff has been imported, but much of it is not sold. The country is exporting less and bringing down the value of the American dollar. If that doesn’t change, this will continue to drop.

Investors are Important

People that invest in businesses are taking a risk. They review company information, quarterly financial records and stock information to make sure they’re getting a good return on investment (ROI). However, before companies began to fall in early 2008, investors saw this crisis beforehand and pulled out their investments. This hurt much of the enterprises in the U.S., and caused many problems for the American dollar. It is not the investor’s fault they didn’t want to lose money, but in order for the country to have appeal again, they have to change. Most businesses fail because of lack of change. However, it is inevitable, and if an enterprise cannot change, they will more than likely fade.

The Pain of Inflation

Inflation occurs when raw materials become higher in price. Most businesses operate by utilizing raw materials in order to create a product. You may think this only affects certain companies, but all American enterprises are feeling this pinch. It isn’t hard to notice this change. You can see it in the current cost of living, food, and transportation expenses. Everything has risen in cost, and therefore, businesses have to raise their prices so they can cover these expenses. The future of the American dollar will become worthless unless there is a positive change in our economy.

How to Use No Deposit Casino Bonuses to Your Advantage

You have decided to take a leap into the world of online casinos and gaming. This is an exciting venture, especially if you don’t live close to regular casinos, and yet you long for the excitement of gambling. You will probably find that these online sites will provide you with all the thrills of gaming that you seek.

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When you are first starting out playing on line, you may be a bit hesitant about actually depositing money before seeing if you really like the games offered by the site. No deposit casino bonuses are the perfect way to check out what your experiences will be like. In addition, you may actually have the chance to win real money — even before depositing any of your own funds. There are a few things to remember that can help you use these bonuses to your advantage.

These bonuses are very popular because the casino sees them as incentives to get new players to register at their sites. While the amount may seem minimal, you can do a bit of research and find sites that offer larger bonuses, such as additional free slot pulls or higher payout amounts.

One-Time Only

You do need to remember that the first bonuses are usually a one-time deal. This means that when you sign up and receive a bonus or incentive, this is the only time you can receive it. You can’t sign up and then go back and sign up again. This means that researching your best options is important.

Time and Other Restrictions

To make sure that you use your bonus effectively, examine any time restrictions. For instance, a particular site may require that you use the bonus within a specific timeframe. You may only have an hour or two to use it after you have signed up, so make sure you understand any parameters that may accompany that bonus.

Some bonuses may only be eligible for a particular game. So, if you are looking to play blackjack, make sure that the bonus can be applied toward that game. It could be very frustrating to go through the sign-up process, only to find that the rewards are only good for playing slots or poker, rather than blackjack.

Finding the Bonuses

You can find the most lucrative bonus by doing a little research. There are many websites dedicated to listing various online casino bonuses. You can also find community forums where users share their experiences and suggestions for the best bonuses.

Are Online Faxing Services Worth Their Price?

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Why are so many companies switching to online faxing rather than staying with traditional faxing services? One of the main reasons for this change is because of the low costs associated with online faxing, coupled with high quality results that may be even more useful than traditional faxing. While online faxing services are affordable, they also provide a green alternative for companies seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Consider these reasons as to why online faxing services are worth their price.

No More Maintenance Costs

Traditional fax machines need hundreds of dollars in maintenance costs. Users have to buy ink, toner, paper, and even pay for repair services, in order to keep their machine working. With online faxing services, users do not need to buy any of these supplies; the fax can be sent directly to the recipient’s email, which eliminates the use of ink, toner and paper.

No Start-Up Fees

Traditional fax machines require a simple start-up cost: the cost of a machine, which also may need to be replaced every few years or so. For small businesses, this cost is not always easy to finance. However, online service for faxing do not require start up fee. Businesses can choose a plan that suits their needs; whether they fax in high volumes or rarely at all. There are many online fax companies that have plans to suit your needs.

Simple to Use

For the price you pay for online faxing, which can be as low as $3-4 a month, the convenience you get from using these services is priceless. Online fax services send faxes directly to your email, which allows you to access the fax from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet connection. From your email, Smartphone, or iPad, important documents are at your fingertips instantly. Traditional fax machines send faxes to other fax machines, which means, you have to carry the paper around if you need it. If you have a lot of important information, those are a lot of extra documents you have to carry around with you.

Are online faxing service worth their price? To look at this objectively, we have compared the prices of traditional faxing and online faxing services. Ultimately, online faxing services allow you to pay as little or as much as you need, so this can be an ideal solution for businesses of any size. Online faxing services are worth their price, especially in ease of use, accessibility, and other non-monetary benefits.

How Serious are the Oil Companies in Finding Alternative Energy?

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The Big Oil takes a bad rap in the media as well as with many environmental groups, but where would we be without them? Currently, there are no viable alternatives to support our widespread use of transportation vehicles and heavy equipment and to heat and cool our homes and businesses. In fact, almost all major oil companies are investing in alternative energy sources. They pour billions of dollars per year into sustainable, environment-friendly energy sources. As the opportunity for a greener future is within reach, efforts to finding alternatives with the renewable energy resources are intensifying.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is an efficient and abundant source of energy. New methods of reaching and collecting shale gas have opened up huge reserves in the Western and Southern United States, such as Eagle Ford Shale in Texas. It is far more efficient than power from coal or oil. Nearly 93 percent of natural gas reaches homes and businesses as usable energy, while a mere 30 percent of coal or oil energy gets to the end-user. Natural gas burns cleanly and is reliable when electricity from other sources is out due to bad weather and other events.

Solar Power

We are learning new ways to harness solar power. These ways are cheaper and more economical, though they are still far less efficient than natural gas and most other energy sources. With all the problems faced by solar power, such as high cost and limited availability in darkness and cloudy weather, researchers are continually improving this clean source of renewable energy. Chevron Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, invests $300 million each year into energy alternatives, and much of this money is designed to developing better methods of collecting and generating solar electric power.

Wind Power

The Midwestern and many western states are harnessing the power of the wind, which is another abundant, renewable, and clean source of energy. On the coast of California and in the plains of Kansas, Iowa, and other Midwestern states, wind is nearly constant. Wind power is not dependent on the setting sun or dwindling supplies of non-renewable resources. Many oil companies are investing in this clean alternative source of energy.

Other Alternative Energy Sources

Oil companies are also investing in stationery fuel cells, photovoltaics, advanced batteries, hydrogen fuel, and geothermal energy. ExxonMobil dedicated $600 million into biofuels; other oil companies are also contributing to the research and development of renewable energy resources.

Though the amount that oil companies spend on alternative energy is just a tiny fraction of what they use each year to finding new oil reserves, their contribution to research still plays a big part in the development of alternative resources for a future without crude oil.

Effective Apartment Safety Tips

Technology has revolutionized the real estate industry for both residential and commercial properties. Targeted digital age advents make apartment-shopping as simple and convenient as going online with a few strategically placed clicks. Yet at the same time, the digital transformation of apartment-renting has opened the door to unprecedented safety risks for the apartment seeker.

While the real estate industry is in high demand, renters anywhere can find themselves in similarly vulnerable situations, facing opportunistic markets and risky practices. Any apartment seeker should be aware of the risks and the counterpoint safety tips to effectively safeguard his search.

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Technology today is, after all, both a critically vital and cryptically dangerous tool in apartment-searching. Fortunately, renters can protect themselves against such risks with these proven effective safety tips, common-sense rules too often disregarded in the heat of the hunt:

Confirm Who and What are Behind the Screen

Let’s say, you’re moving in the state of Florida and you’re looking for apartments for rent in Miami or in Orlando or in any other cities, it is common sense to do business with reliable and trusted people. Your safety should be your foremost concern after all. Conduct extra research and do background check.

When it comes to viewing the apartment and signing the lease, only deal with people you meet in person and who walk you through the apartment. It is imperative that you confirm face-to-face that what you see and who you meet online are the real deal before you make the deal.

Verify Every Detail and Trust Your Instincts

Whatever the online listing says (concerning, say, the apartment’s condition, building’s amenities, or neighborhood’s characteristics), ensure its veracity for yourself. If you find a discrepancy that cannot be satisfactorily explained, trust your suspicions and walk away.

Never Agree to Requests of Conditions Requiring Unusual Forms of Payment

Avoid wiring funds through any wire transfer service, as well as deals involving escrow or shipping services. Similarly, do not hand over your financial information, submit to credit checks absent legitimate landlord query, or accede to pressures to remit any fees unless and until the transaction’s signed closing.

The key is to adopt and apply these rules vigilantly as second nature. Make safety be your top priority when apartment hunting. The fact is, for better or worse, your apartment-seeking safety is in your own hands, and you can’t shake hands with an online avatar.

Innovations on Sports Betting

The advent of online betting created a niche for sports betting services to venture on the latest mobile gambling applications. With the increased production of smartphone handsets, it is no wonder that sports betting sites would invest on mobile application just to reach potential bettors who own smartphones. Online account holders with bookmarkers can now place bets to their favorite sporting event simply by using their handy mobile phones.

SMS betting

With the increase of mobile device users worldwide, SMS betting will be an ideal option on top of traditional ticket sales channel. With SMS betting, people could participate in many kinds of lottery games simply by sending SMS to their chosen betting service. The aim is to facilitate better over players’ mobile phones and provide convenience for their busy lifestyle.

Betting Sites

There are also certain mobile devices that support online betting sites for placing bets. It offers an excellent service for various online betting sites like casino games, sportsbook and more. Once a player signs up, they can quickly start betting just by tapping their links. Some web sites provide sign-up bonuses for first time players. Of courses, players are encouraged to choose betting sites wisely and read the website’s terms and condition just to avoid any problems regarding unscrupulous transactions that might put players at risk.

Sportsbook apps

A Sportsbook app allows users to gamble from their mobile devices as long as they are located in Nevada. Once the players are signed up, they will receive a download link via text message. The app then let players bet on different sporting events with options for straight and parlay bets, as well as in-game wagering. The best thing about a sportsbook app is that it is very accessible and people can get updates directly on their phone. In addition, the app also provides an intuitive user interface so players can get the hang of it even with just a few tries.

Gambling as a Profitable Business

Predicting success in a game or which team or player wins in a sport can give a different kind of hype and excitement. This makes betting for the success of your favorite team or player more exhilarating as you are laying down your personal money. Before, gambling and betting is only considered as a hobby and source of entertainment and leisure. Nowadays, more serious gamblers and bettors have seen the potential of gambling as a profitable business.

Whichever way you look at it, money is the star in gambling. Whether you play for fun or for business, the game revolves around the idea of doubling your money. If you wish to become a successful bettor who makes considerable living out of gambling, there are things that you should learn more.

If you take the time to read through gambling books that are available in online libraries, you will realize that there is more to gambling than simple prediction of who wins or loses. Below are some tips that can help you  become a successful gambler.

Understand your financial capacity

Even if your main goal is to double your money, you should stay grounded and realistic about the amount of money you spare for gambling. Bankruptcy is a very common problem that results from unwise gambling. Know when to stop. Set a limit and stick to it.

Analyze the numbers before laying down your bet

Choose the numbers where you bet after searching thoroughly. In sports betting, you should choose the best line before betting.

Be observant, be alert

Do not let yourself be distracted when playing in a land casino. Keep an eye on your surroundings. Do not drink too much, too. Do not make rush decisions as you may not be able to play wisely. Focus and attention are essential elements of professional betting and gambling.

Keep on learning

You should have the learning attitude of a student if you wish to become a professional bettor or gambler. There are a lot of ways to learn the rules of gambling. You may read through gambling books and watch online videos of actual games.